7. 10 & Rose

I love the tenth Doctor, and I really like Rose for the most part. However the two together didn’t fit in Doctor Who. There was too much romance and the Doctor’s motive was too often her rather than the bigger picture because of their relationship. Their final scene on Bad Wolf Bay summed up everything I didn’t like about their relationship. It was cringy to watch and ruined a thrilling finale to series two. The series itself was excellent and contained some fantastic stories but it was at its best when the two were apart, for example in “The Satan Pit” and “Army of Ghosts/Doomsday”. When they were together I just didn’t like them and I know their relationship is idolised by many but it wasn’t for me.

6. 10 & Martha

Martha is another companion who I really really like, in fact she’s arguably had the best character development out of them all. However her relationship with the tenth Doctor was overshadowed by Rose. The Doctor often treated her poorly, comparing her to Rose and it made him look like he didn’t care for her. Again on their own they’re both brilliant but together they didn’t really get on so well. Their relationship improved in series four when Martha returned as I think the Doctor had realised by that point he hadn’t treated her like he should have. I really respect the way she exited the TARDIS too as she knew the Doctor would never feel the same about her as he felt for Rose. It shows how strong a character she was as she went on and bettered herself after series three.

5. 11 & Clara

These two could’ve been so much higher if they’d spent longer together. If they had the longevity of Amy and the eleventh Doctor then they could be easily near the top. However nearly all of the time, their relationship wasn’t allowed to blossom as the Doctor was constantly trying to figure out the mystery of the Impossible Girl. Yes there were some brilliant moments, they showed how good they could be in “The Day of the Doctor” and it’s a shame Matt Smith bowed out in the following episode. Overall though, a great Doctor, a great companion and they just didn’t get long enough together.

4. 11 & Amy

Although Amy is my least favourite of the modern companions, her relationship with the eleventh Doctor is great. They bounced off each other brilliantly and along with Rory they had a fun little TARDIS team. The dialogue between them was always fun and that’s why it was so good. Apart from that one scene back in series five in Amy’s bedroom, their relationship was purely based on having fun and travelling through as much of time and space as possible. There were always some doubts over where Amy’s loyalties lay, would she choose the Doctor over Rory? In the end it was good that she chose Rory and deep down the Doctor knew she did the right thing.

3. 9 & Rose

This was the series where Rose was at her best. There was no romance to speak of up until the final moment of the series and she helped the Doctor reform. It was straight after the Time War and the Doctor was bitter and frustrated, but Rose helped him and by the end of the ninth Doctor’s life, he was back to being the compassionate man we all loved. Again this was a relationship based on adventure and bettering her seemingly boring life. That’s what the show is about and I think it’s important the companion is enjoying the journey along with the viewer rather than having a romantic relationship with the Doctor. These two gelled nicely and did a super job of rebooting the show.

2. 12 & Clara

Similar to the ninth Doctor and Rose, Clara helped the twelfth Doctor get over his regeneration and go from somebody we didn’t trust to someone who cared about his companion more than ever. Despite “Hell Bent” being completely ridiculous, it did show how much the Doctor cared for Clara. During their time together they did have lots of fun too. “She’s my carer, she cares so I don’t have to” was a hilarious line that summed up their relationship. The cards that Clara introduced to the Doctor so he always knew what he should say in awkward situations was another funny quirk that made their relationship so perfect. It’s just a shame how it all ended or they could’ve been at number one.

1. 10 & Donna

This was such a unique and refreshing relationship. There was never a dull moment when these two were together. All of series four was a fun-filled adventure that made us laugh but then came to a tragic end in “Journey’s End”. The dialogue and the looks the two gave each other were priceless and it’s hard to imagine a companion fitting a Doctor so perfectly again. It was different as you got the impression Donna was in charge and the Doctor was there just to do the clever parts. I don’t think any other character could pull this off but Donna was so strong willed and independent that the dynamic worked. Their friendship was such a pleasure to watch all the way through and it’s a shame that they were together for only one series.