Possibly the least important topic I’ve written about but there’s no Doctor Who for a year so ideas are running a bit low. Here’s a ranking of the Doctor’s costumes ranked from 13-1.

13. Colin Baker’s multi-coloured coat. This was just the wrong costume for the wrong Doctor. Since he left the show, Baker has come out and claimed he actually asked for a low key outfit, similar to that of the ninth Doctor’s. During his time on the show, the BBC were doing everything they could to screw the show, and giving the Doctor a coat that completely contradicted the type of man he was did nothing to help the sixth Doctor. It’s probably part of the reason he’s one of the least popular Doctors which is a shame. I feel as though if he had more fitting clothes, his Doctor would’ve been more widely appreciated.

12. Peter Davison’s celery stick. Although part of this costume inspired David Tennant’s, the stick of celery and cricket jumper did nothing to make this incarnation any more interesting. I love all of the Doctors, but Davison is one of my least favourites as I don’t think he carries enough excitement to truly boost a story. The attempts to make his costume seem like he’s a more mysterious man didn’t do very much and he’s still one of the safer and less exciting Doctors.

11. Peter Capaldi’s hoodie. I could’ve picked Capaldi’s stunning coat but the following would be too similar to what I’m going to say about the third Doctor’s appearance. This was also the costume the twelfth Doctor wore for the most part of series nine. Although it maybe fitted in partly with the Doctor’s rocker side, it was quite an un-Doctor-like thing to wear and although I love this incarnation, this costume does nothing to help him. He’s at his best in his coat when he looks smarter and more like a Time Lord than a layabout.

10. John Hurt’s war clothes. This is an interesting one. John Hurt’s Doctor was promised to be a battle hardened warrior but what we got was slightly different and I think his costume didn’t help that. It should’ve been more ragged and dirty. Although it wasn’t the most elegant of costumes the Doctor had ever worn, it could’ve been more extreme and damaged and then we might have been even more convinced of his warrior status.

9. Paul McGann’s classic Time Lord look. Over thirty years from when the show began, Paul Mcgann’s get-up in the 1996 TV movie was a nod to the first Doctor’s look. The big tie, long coat and waistcoat was very swish, though it didn’t quite suit McGann as much as Hartnell, especially dashing through New York in 1999. A slightly more modern take on the first Doctor’s costume may have suited him more, but it was still very eye catching and Doctoresque.

8. William Hartnell’s old fashioned coat. It’s hard to judge the first Doctor’s costume because he was the first Doctor and it had to be something that was safe yet fancy. I suppose it suits him, quite understated yet elegant. It doesn’t really add much to his character and it doesn’t really contradict him either, it was average and that’s why it’s in the middle of the countdown.

7. Patrick Troughton’s oversized clothes. Part of the charm about the second Doctor was his tendency to dress in clothes that were too big for him, especially his big furry coat. This helped him appear goofy and silly, which he was but it took the attention away from how clever and sharp he was. It was almost part of his arsenal, to make himself seem like a daft nobody to his enemies but really he was always scheming ways to defeat them. He was underestimated and his costumes helped him achieve this.

6. Jon Pertwee’s magnificent coat. The coat, the long bow tie, the frilly shirt was everything that was so classy and charming about the third Doctor. This costume is unlucky not to be higher and there’s nothing really I would change, I just like the others more.

5. Matt Smith’s bow ties and fezes. Originally I was going to have this in my top three, but I kept changing my mind throughout writing. Before we saw the eleventh Doctor I think a lot of us were sceptical that this nerdy looking young man in a tweed jacket, a bow tie and turned up trousers would be a good Doctor but it sums him up that he eventually made the look cool. I preferred the tweed jacket to the long coat, I wish he’d worn the tweed more, his collection of hats throughout his tenure were brilliant and the whole thing just suited his Doctor to a T.

4. David Tennant’s suit. Perhaps the most human of the Doctor’s selection of outfits, this one was perfect for the tenth Doctor. It was efficient, smart and stylish. Doing the job with a touch of finesse was something this incarnation thrived on so it was only right he had two beautiful suits to help him on his way. 

3. Sylvester McCoy’s question marks. When Sylvester McCoy joined the show, it was on the decline. Since Tom Baker, the main character had lost his mystery somewhat. In the most difficult period to play the Doctor, McCoy did magnificently well to bring some of that mystery back and his costume definitely helped. The jumpers covered in question marks were as quirky as the Doctor himself and the umbrella he carried along with his hat and scruffy ties made the Doctor intriguing again.

2. Christopher Eccleston’s leather jacket. Perhaps the most understated costume, the Doctor who had just come out of the Time War couldn’t really have had anything else. It was dark, moody and didn’t stand out, like the ninth Doctor. If you imagine Eccleston in a costume like the sixth Doctor’s it just wouldn’t have worked. His own costume wouldn’t have worked for many other Doctors but it perfectly transmitted the dark undertones of Eccleston’s incarnation.

1. Tom Baker’s scarf. Perhaps the most iconic costume of Doctor Who and maybe sci-fi history, Tom Baker’s costume just epitomises perfectly everything we love about the Doctor. It’s pleasing to look at, it stands out, it’s bizarre and it’s unique to the fourth Doctor. Even his jelly babies became somewhat of a feature. It’s hard to picture any other actor pulling such an extravagant costume off and not only did it suit the fourth Doctor, it suited the show and all of its history perfectly. When you think of a Doctor’s costume, you think of this one and you’d have to go a long way to hear anyone have anything bad to say about it.