5. The completion of a Craig Owens trilogy

The two episodes that James Corden appeared in back in Matt Smith’s era were both tremendously entertaining. He and Smith bounced off each other perfectly and it would be nice to see how Craig Owens and Stormageddon are getting on. A third episode with Craig shouldn’t be too hard to write, anything set on present day Earth could easily work him into the story. The only problem could be Corden’s availability. He’s now a worldwide star and he may find it difficult to work the show into his busy schedule. If his return is delayed it may allow a new Doctor to meet him. Peter Capaldi will probably only be around for a maximum of two more seasons, so a new, potentially younger Doctor might be in place to reignite the chemistry Craig had with the eleventh.

4. UNIT in a mess

UNIT have been prominent in both the modern and classic eras of Doctor Who without really being the sole focus of a story. In a time where all leading world organisations seem to be facing scandal, it would be fascinating to see a version of UNIT in a similar plight. Whether it be alien infiltration, humans at the top of UNIT corrupting the organisation to benefit themselves or somebody above UNIT trying to disband them, any sort of disarray would set up a chaotic episode. The Doctor would need to be on top of his game to try and reform them and it would be an episode that would create a lot of intrigue and possibly reveal some secrets.

3. Sally Sparrow’s return

Similar to Corden, Carey Mulligan is now a world famous actress whose availability might not be as easy to come by as it was ten years ago. However despite probably being able to rule her out as a full time companion, she demonstrated perfectly in “Blink” that she has all of the characteristics to fight alongside the Doctor. Her strong will and bravery would fit perfectly alongside Peter Capaldi and to see her and the Doctor meet again would be a lovely moment.

2. Daleks going back to being deadly

If it takes lowering what’s at stake to make the Daleks seem more threatening then that’s what has to be done. Dalek, back in series one was the most frightening and lethal any Dalek has been in the modern era and there were no immediate plans for taking over the world etc. Since then, the killing machines’ decline has been constant and disrespects them immensely. They no longer seem like they are the evil mutated murderers they were back in the classic era so any concept that saw a Dalek actually doing some exterminating would be welcome. All of these fleets and fleets of power hungry Daleks who do more talking than killing have caused them to lose their reputation as the most dangerous villains in the universe. A story where we see a Dalek (maybe plural) kill mercilessly again would hopefully kick start a revival for the monsters from Skaro.

1. Doctor vs Time Lords

Basically this is what Hell Bent should have been. Now the Time Lords are back in the frame, we need to see them go head to head with the Doctor, and soon. Peter Capaldi demonstrated how terrifying he could be in the first twenty minutes of series nine’s finale. His performance was epic and I’m sure sent shivers down the spine of the onlooking Gallifreyans. Rassilon will also surely want some revenge for his humiliation so to see him start a rebellion against the Doctor would be interesting. The Doctor stole yet another TARDIS which I’m sure wasn’t returned by Ashildr and I doubt he’ll return to Gallifrey full time to carry out his Presidential duties so the Time Lords have reason to be angry with him. It would be a monumental episode of a grand scale that would fittingly draw Stevn Moffat’s tenure to a close if he pulled it off.