Episode 11 – BOOM TOWN

Similar to The Long Game, I think this episode is often overlooked because of its position within the series, in this case straight before the two part finale. However, this is a much better watch than The Long Game. Six months had passed narratively since we last saw the Slitheen and Margaret Blaine was back to cause more havoc. This was a far better outing for her than last time. She was much more threatening as we saw in the opening sequence when she murdered the advisor. Having said that, there was far more depth to her character as we saw in the scene where she didn’t kill the journalist after finding out she was about to get married. Also, as the farting was kept to a minimum, this Slitheen was a much better villain than the entire family earlier on in the series. It’s quite clear this episode was a filler, but it was still throroughly enjoyable. Mickey and Captain Jack’s exchanges were very funny and I felt sorry for Mickey after he told Rose how he felt. The Doctor was once again excellent, Eccleston delivered another top notch performance. This one was slightly more up beat than his usual, he was brilliant in the scene where he took Margaret out for dinner. Constantly blocking her attempts to kill him was an excellent little two minutes. The ending to the episode was also nice as Margaret reverted back to an egg so she could live out her life again, a second chance. The TARDIS being opened and Margaret looking into it was a pointer to the upcoming finale. As was BAD WOLF, which we saw talked about properly for the first time, rather than just in passing as it was previously in the series. It’s not a classic episode, but it is one that I really enjoyed rewatching. 7/10

Episode 12 – BAD WOLF

The first of a two part finale, Bad Wolf‘s job was to simply get everyone in the right place for the conclusion to the first series. The Doctor needed to be back on Satellite Five and Rose needed to be on the Dalek’s ship, in need of being rescued. To be fair to Russell T. Davies, he did a great job of putting these pieces together in as entertaining a way as he could. Seeing the Doctor in the Big Brother house was surreal yet hilarious. The “Anne-droid” was another extremely funny quirk of the episode that was an unusual story. It also made us think what happens to a place once the Doctor leaves. It’s second nature to assume everything will be fine once the Doctor defeats the enemy, but in this case, after the Mighty Jagrafess was defeated earlier in the series, the Earth began to decline as the Doctor effectively shut down all of the news networks. This was quite a new and very interesting idea, that the Doctor just walks away without thinking about the consequences of his actions. There was a very impressive ten minute spell in the episode where it appeared Rose was dead, there was nothing to suggest she wasn’t which did make the episode more gripping. The Doctor holding and pointing a gun was a sign of his fierce loyalty to Rose and although he claimed he’d never fire, it was more evidence that this incarnation was one of the darkest. The ending wasn’t so much a cliffhanger, but it did set up the finale very well. Eccleston gave yet another superb display of rage as he came face to face with a huge fleet of Daleks who he believed to have been extinct. Not too much happens in this episode really but it’s entertaining and has its funny moments. It doesn’t quite have the feel of an opening part to a series finale but I still liked it. 7/10


I don’t want to repeat myself but this is the best finale of the modern era. I recently reviewed this episode in full, so if you want to read that, click the following link. 9/10  https://talkingtardis.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/why-i-love-the-parting-of-the-ways-2/