This is one of my least favourite two part stories in the modern era, probably because it could’ve been easily condensed down to just one part. The first half of the story is basically just trying to make us feel sorry for the Flesh and believe that they have the same memories as their human equivalents. To pull of a story like this, the audience needs to feel a strong amount of sympathy for those who are seeking to be understood and treated equally, in this case the Gangers. Matthew Graham made the Gangers, Jenny in particular, aggressive, cold and very hard to like. This made it hard for me to feel any emotions for the Gangers, and although the point of the two parter was to make you think about human cloning and to try and make you side with the Gangers, I was longing for them to just die and for the humans to escape. In any story the characters are important, but I think they have an even more important role to play in a two parter as there is more room for character development. I said that Matthew Graham made the Gangers unlikable, but that could be said for the humans too. In particular Cleaves, the leader of the factory’s workers, was arrogant and annoying. A Ganger of the Doctor emerging at the end of the episode was quite a predictable conclusion to the story after he touched the Fleah earlier on in the episode. I think seeing a clone of the Doctor was a red herring to maybe make viewers think that it was the Ganger that was shot on the beach back in The Impossible Astronaut. The concept of this story was pretty interesting but it was so drawn out and segments of this first part bored me. 4/10


Although it’s an improvement on the story’s opening part, this is still a pretty poor episode. There were some great scenes between the Doctor and his Ganger. Swapping shoes to see if Amy could tell the difference was clever. Seeing how horribly Amy treated who she thought was the Ganger Doctor made me feel sorry for the Gangers more than anything else. Rory had a poor episode. Locking the humans in the acid chamber was an extremely gullible move and made his character appear stupid. The ending where some humans and some Gangers died was pretty predictable. There was always going to be a Ganger that had to step up to take the place of a human who had died, but it was nice that Jimmy’s Ganger got to live with his son. The final scene in the TARDIS where the Doctor dissolved Amy was shocking, I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed she wasn’t actually Amy all series long. It set up the mid season finale very nicely as we saw the real Amy about to give birth lost in an unknown location. However this final scene was more to do with the series arc than the episode itself and was probably penned by Moffat. As I said earlier, this story didn’t have enough depth to satisfyingly fill out a two parter, but this was the slightly more entertaining part. 5/10