Mark Gatiss produced another script where several elements were left unexplained. Firstly why did the Doctor’s psychic paper pick up a message from George? Although the Doctor mentioned George was so scared that he wasn’t going to be accepted, does that suggest there was nobody in the universe more frightened? It was a cheap way to get the Doctor in the right place. George put everything that he was scared of in his cupboard, so how did Amy and Rory end up there? He’d never even seen Amy and Rory. Just because George hated the sound the lift made, it didn’t explain how they were whizzed into the doll’s house. The same goes for Purcell the landlord, how was he randomly absorbed by the carpet and taken to the doll’s house? Yes, all of this led to some great scenes but a science fiction show needs at least some actual explanation as to why things are happening. Gatiss’ biggest downfall is focusing so much on the end product, he forgets to put the foundations in place to create a solid and flawless script from start to finish. The setting of the doll’s house was very eerie, as was the design of the doll’s themselves. Seeing Amy getting turned into a doll was a great scene. The resolution that George finally felt accepted so everything went back to normal was weak, but it fitted in with the weak story anyway. George himself was an irritating character, it was hard to feel sympathy with him as he displayed no emotion, maybe a more talented child actor would’ve been better suited to the part. The blank look on his face throughout the episode didn’t really represent how scared he apparently was. Far too much was unexplained in this episode. Despite some creepy scenes, overall this is another poor episode from Gatiss. 3/10


I liked the concept of an Amy that was 36 years older and a present day Amy, but this episode needed more to go alongside it. It started well though, a planet that had several different times running at different speeds was a clever idea from Tom McRae. The Kindness were a good threat as their motives were actually good and they were pretty relentless in trying to help everyone. I would’ve liked to see Amy age more gradually, rather than just go from current day to 36 years older, but I suppose the plot didn’t really lend itself to that. The older Amy was slightly unlikable, she was very cold and bitter and even though she’d suffered an ordeal, she hated the Doctor excessively and I struggled to sympathise with her. The sonic probe that she created was a bit dubious, Amy was never the smartest companion so how did she manage that? The last fifteen minutes of this episode were brilliant though. Seeing Rory having to deal with both Amys was very funny and entertaining. The choice he had to make between which Amy he wanted to take was a good idea and it was very cruel on Rory to have to decide between the two. We got to see more of the eleventh Doctor’s dark side which was excellent. I loved how he bluffed about two Amys being a sustainable situation and locking the older version out was a brilliantly cold moment from him. There’s lots of good stuff in this episode, Karen Gillan gives one of her best performances as Amy, as does Arthur Darvill as Rory. But the middle of the episode lagged slightly and there needed to be more going on. The two Amys were good but only just carried the episode through. Another villain thrown in would’ve helped. 6/10

Episode 11 – THE GOD COMPLEX

Easily one of the best scripts of series six, Toby Whithouse perfectly blended comedy with sci-fi in an intense and mysterious forty five minutes. The setting of the hotel added to the intrigue and everybody having their own room containsing their biggest fear was a great idea. Rita was a great character, it’s a shame she died because she’d have made a great companion. It was hilarious when the Doctor said to Amy; “With regret, you’re fired” after he first met Rita. The acting of all of the characters who went from their normal selves to being possessed was spot on. David Walliams character Gibbis, from Tivoli was obviously meant to be disliked. Walliams portrayed him so funnily and perfectly while still maintaining the character’s cowardice and selfishness. I loved the scene where the Doctor looked in his room and uttered “Who else?” I think it’s obvious now he saw the War Doctor but at the time that was a great little tease. The design of the Minotaur was magnificent, it really did look like a fearsome beast. The way victims started praising the Minotaur was extremely spooky and did add a lot of tension to the episode. When the Doctor finally worked out that the Minotaur fed on faith, seeing Amy instantly “praise him” was a brilliantly terrifying moment. The Doctor persuading Amy that he was just a vain old man who stole her childhood and led her to her death was a clever solution as Amy lost faith temporarily and the creature therefore had nothing to feed on and subsequently died. I loved the conclusion to the episode. It was a nice touch from the Doctor to buy Amy and Rory a house and car. So many times we’ve seen the Doctor devastated as he loses companions, but this time, seeing him smile as he left Amy and Rory happily was a nice moment (even though the pair would return). This is a strong script and a well produced episode. 8/10