Episode 11 – HEAVEN SENT

Steven Moffat revealed he’d been planning this story for years prior to it airing and he delivered something a bit special. I would’ve loved to have been at the read through for this episode. A Peter Capaldi monologue was an absolute treat as the actor’s portrayal of the twelfth Doctor just got more and more stunning as series nine went on. The Doctor found himself trapped in his own torture chamber with a sinister creature eerily following him wherever he went. The design of the Veil was magnificent. I loved how much detail went into making the creature look as terrifying as possible, the flies really did made it look creepy. Its best scene was when the Doctor was in the garden and it crashed through the door as the Doctor slowly approached, it was moment that must have had lots of viewers out of their seats. Being able to see what the Veil could see on the television screens was a feature that I liked too. Moving the building around every time the Doctor confessed something was very mysterious, as was why the stars weren’t positioned where they should’ve been. I wasn’t too keen on the Doctor’s “store room”, where he went when he was working out how to survive. It was too similar to Sherlock’s “mind palace” and it just seemed to me as if Moffat was rehashing that concept. All of the skulls in the water turning out to be the Doctor’s was a great twist. I loved how the Doctor had to kill himself several times in order for him to break free. The explaining of the loop did go on for too long on screen as it wasn’t too tricky a concept to understand, but it was a very clever idea. Once the Doctor had escaped, the revelation he was inside his confession dial was valid as it was confessions that made the Veil retreat. Moffat had promised us a cliffhanger and the reveal of Gallifrey didn’t disappoint, it looked stunning. Rachel Talalay deserves a lot of credit for masterfully directing this unique story. Peter Capaldi too did immensely well to carry the entire episode by himself. 9/10

Episode 12 – HELL BENT

I’ve already discussed my feelings about this story and they haven’t changed. (https://talkingtardis.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/is-hell-bent-the-most-flawed-story-of-all-time/). This is by far Moffat’s most frustrating finale. 3/10


Finishing off my modern series marathon, this fun little story was one I really enjoyed. As Moffat’s Christmas specials go, this one is right up there. After such a brilliantly dark couple of years, this episode was actually a welcome light hearted one. Matt Lucas was hilarious, it’s a shame he wasn’t used even more. I loved watching the Doctor try to tell River who he was, but she didn’t catch on. Particularly the scene where the Doctor went into the TARDIS and acted like a new companion, that was hilarious. The storyline wasn’t very deep, yet it was still enjoyable. Scratch, who was going to buy the diamond from River, was designed very spookily. The scene where his race had the Doctor and River surrounded was great. Seeing River work out that the Doctor was actually the Doctor was a brilliant moment. River’s storyline was wrapped up beautifully as the Doctor took her to the Singing Towers of Darillium. Moffat cleverly included this scene as River mentioned in Silence in the Library that this is where she last saw the Doctor. The only thing I didn’t like about the story was the sickening flirting between River and the Doctor. When Steven Moffat leaves the show I don’t think many people will ask him to write love stories because some of the lines in up this episode were just wrong. Apart from that though this was a good watch and definitely one of Moffat’s best Christmas scripts. 7/10