My modern series marathon has come to an end after a terrificly fun month. I’m now going to rank each story in order from my least favourite to my favourite. Enjoy!

108. Let’s Kill Hitler

107. In the Forest of the Night

106. Sleep No More

105. Vampires of Venice

104. Hell Bent

103. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

102. Robot of Sherwood

101. A Christmas Carol

100. Fear Her

99. Night Terrors

98. The Lazarus Experiment

97. The Woman Who Lived

96. The Caretaker

95. The Next Doctor

94. Asylum of the Daleks

93. The Idiot’s Lantern

92. Aliens of London/World War Three

91. The Rebel Flesh/ The Almost People

90. Victory of the Daleks

89. Love and Monsters

88. The Long Game

87. The Girl Who Died

86. The Power of Three

85. The Beast Below

84.  Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

83. The Wedding of River Song

82. New Earth

81. The Doctor’s Daughter

80. A Town Called Mercy

79. The Crimson Horror

78. The Curse of the Black Spot

77.  42

76. Gridlock

75. The Girl Who Waited

74. Closing Time

73. Cold War

72. Flatline

71.  The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit

70. Time Heist

69. The Husbands of River Song

68. The End of the World

67. Dark Water/Death in Heaven

66.The Bells of Saint John

65. Partners in Crime

64. Hide

63. The Runaway Bride

62. Boom Town

61. The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky

60. The Snowmen

59. The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

58.  The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

57. The Lodger

56.  The Name of the Doctor

55. The Unquiet Dead

54. The Angels Take Manhattan

53. School Reunion

52. The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

51. Last Christmas

50. Smith and Jones

49. Nightmare in Silver

48. Voyage of the Damned

47. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

46. Into the Dalek

45. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

44.  Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

43. Planet of the Dead

42. The Shakespeare Code

41. Kill the Moon

40. Fires of Pompeii

39. Under the Lake/Before the Flood

38. Midnight

37. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End

36. The Unicorn and the Wasp

35. The Time of the Doctor

34. The God Complex

33. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

32: The Eleventh Hour

31. Planet of the Ood

30. Turn Left

29. The Rings of Akhaten

28. The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar

27. The Christmas Invasion

26. Rose

25. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

24. Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks

23. Amy’s Choice

22. Deep Breath

21. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

20. The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

19. Father’s Day

18. The End of Time

17. Utopia

16. Mummy on the Orient Express

15. Human Nature/The Family of Blood

14. The Doctor’s Wife

13. Tooth and Claw

12. A Good Man Goes to War

11. Heaven Sent

TOP 10

10. The Girl in the Fireplace

9. Blink

8. Vincent and the Doctor

7. The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

6. Listen

5. Dalek

4. The Day of the Doctor

3. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

2. Face the Raven


What episodes I have overrated? What episodes have I underrated? What are your top 10 modern era stories? Coming up later today, a review of the TV Movie.