Yesterday there were rumours that the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith was spotted on set. Today the Mirror reported that Matt Smith could be taking over from his own replacement Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Although this is a far flung theory based on a few murmurs, could and should Matt Smith actually reprise the role?

The closest we’ve come in the past to an actor playing more than one incarnation of the Doctor was David Tennant’s Metacrisis Doctor back in series four, a valid regeneration, but the less said about him the better. Matt Smith, or any actor returning full time as the Doctor is something I hadn’t considered before, but the more I think about it, the more I think, why not? People would make the claim “the show is going backwards” but I would argue against that. The show has never attempted anything like this before so it would in fact be a huge leap forwards. There’d be no guarantee Matt Smith would play the character in an identical manner either. Although a return would be pointless if he didn’t maintain some of the childishness, the eleventh Doctor’s previously scarcely seen darker side could be more prominent. It could also open up a whole new range of possibilities about regeneration. With Gallifrey back, some more regeneration secrets could be revealed. We know the Time Lords can force the Doctor to regenerate, and we know the Doctor can effectively commit suicide to select a more appropriate body. But in normal circumstances, can the Doctor choose what he looks like? You would think if the Doctor could go back to a body, he would pick the tenth Doctor, after all he was the most vain incarnation. Seeing the Doctor decide he wanted to return to his most youthful body after the twelfth Doctor’s sterner look would be intriguing. If this did happen, would he be trying to hide something he was ashamed of? Deep Breath explained the Doctor hiding behind a veil for three incarnations because of his shame at the Time War. So what would cause Capaldi’s Doctor to pick up that veil again? 

Matt Smith playing the thirteenth Doctor may seem like a backwards step, but it’d be anything but. Arguably, the show needs freshening up, so trying something never attempted in fifty three years would be perfect. Regeneration, a second Time War and more of the Doctor’s background could all be explored or invented with a return. And still in his thirties, Matt Smith would be the perfect ex-Doctor to return. This isn’t some wild fan’s dream, this is something I think could really freshen the show up.