Episode 8 – The Lost

Wow. What a finale. You may not have enjoyed all of Class’ debut series but it’s hard to deny that Patrick Ness scripted, and the cast all delivered, a monumental conclusion. It wasn’t perfect but from minute one to minute forty five, it thrilled, it shocked and it thoroughly entertained.

In recent weeks I’ve cast doubts over any sort of return for the Shadow Kin. I felt as though they were ridiculed beyond redemption in earlier episodes, but how wrong I was. Somehow Patrick Ness managed to make them such a potent and chilling threat, which begs the question of why did they act so churlishly earlier on? The former King’s merciless murders of Ram’s dad and Tanya’s mum early on in the episode was a terrific way to start. It made me sit up and get right in the mood for the episode, and it set the tone for what was to follow.

The whole series has frustrated me somewhat. I think there have been a lot of moments spoiled by unnecessary moments of characters expressing love or other emotions when really they should be focusing on more important things (aliens trying to kill them). In this finale, I was initially, once again frustrated as April stopped everything she was doing to call Ram to tell him she loved him. Credit must go to Patrick Ness though. Seeing this scene become relevant as it came full circle when April sacrificed herself to quell the Shadow Kin was hugely pleasing. The last ten minutes or so of the episode were emotionally charged and that just made it even more suspenseful. Sometimes you see epic finales like this and you just don’t care what happens, in some cases the more deaths the better, purely for entertainment. Here though, I really was praying for everyone to survive. Each character seemed to have a moment where they were in immediate peril. Matteusz, Miss Quill, Charlie, Tanya and April were all seconds from death at some point. What was so good about the episode was that I really was craving each to avoid death. The camera work, the dialogue and the acting was all so precise and so perfect that every moment of the conclusion was immensely satisfying and great to watch.

Going into this episode, I didn’t really expect any of the youngsters to die. I had a feeling Miss Quill might die, but one of the teenagers dying never really crossed my mind. But from the beginning of the episode I felt as though any of the main characters and any number of them might perish. That’s what made the episode so gripping, I really had no idea who would survive and who would not. In the end, April’s apparent death was executed well. I wasn’t all that keen on her coming back as one of the Shadow Kin. I thought her death was poignant and that spoiled it a little bit. Although it could be interesting to see what happens should the show get renewed for a second series. Charlie’s death also seemed inevitable for a good five minutes or so and for a while I really wanted it to happen. Not because I didn’t like him, just because I felt it needed to happen for the legitimacy of the plot. At first, when Quill saved him, I felt as though his death had been bottled by Patrick Ness, but when it became pretty clear that there was more than a fair chance of the show returning, I liked the idea of him living with his guilt. Charlie has been written as a true pacifist throughout the series, so seeing him live with having committed genocide and murdering his friend could be fascinating. Seeing the Doctor, who in many ways is similar to Charlie, deal with the Time War has been one of the best aspects of his character recently, so hopefully it will be the same for Charlie too.

The mysterious governors were absent for most of the episode and that disappointed me a little. Dorothea was prominent but lingered in the background for most part. The cameo from the Weeping Angel at the end just about confirmed a second series for Class and I hope the governors take centre stage in that. However, I felt as though too much was made of the governors and Dorothea in previous episodes when nothing really happened in the finale that had anything to do with them. To be fair though, aside from April’s strange resurrection, it was the only problem I had with the finale.

For a first attempt at a Class finale, Patrick Ness must be applauded. He resolved the majority of the pressing issues and has nicely set up series two, should it be commissioned. All of the characters developed well throughout the series and their arcs were all rounded off here. In the next few days I will be reviewing the series as a whole and discussing whether or not there should be a second series and what could happen if there is. Hats off to Patrick Ness though, this finale was excellent.

Episode Rating: 9/10