After Saturday’s epic finale, the question on everybody’s lips is will there be a second series? Patrick Ness certainly left the door open for the show to carry on with several loose ends yet to be tied up. I’ve asked fans of Class their thoughts on series one, and what they hope to see should there be a second series. Thanks to Natalya Murden, Richard Anthony and Lewis Ayre for their contributions.

First of all I asked them what they thought of series one.

Natalya: Series one has been so interesting to watch. For me, it has been something awesome to distract me from the rest of the world going crazy. It is pretty much a breath of fresh air with the diversity of the cast and the thrills of brand new stories.

Richard: I thought Class was really good. Everything from the production to the sets and CGI were amazing very well done. I would of like to have seen more episodes but I am thankful for ones we did get.

Lewis: Class was something originally I was not really looking forward to, however when the first two episodes were released, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Series one was brilliant, with the episodes getting even better as it went on. The finale was the best episode in my opinion. It resolved quite a lot from previous episodes, but still left things open for the inevitable second series. Season one also had some brilliant character development. My particular favourite character was April, as seeing her personality change after sharing her heart with Corakinus, but I loved Miss Quill as well. Vivian Oparah in her first acting role was absolutely brilliant, and is one of the best people in this series. It also achieved its aim of including a lot more adult themes and lots of violence and gore too. So overall, Class was a brilliant series for young adults and teenagers. Not all people have enjoyed it, but I know I certainly have. Let’s hope there’s a series two, but the first series was a very welcome in the year with no Doctor Who.

Next I asked, should there be a second series of Class, and why?

Natalya: I would absolutely love a second series. Not only because it was left on a cliff hanger, but I would like to see how the events of this series, and especially the finale, affect the relationships between the five and Miss Quill. I personally would also love to see Miss Quill and Tanya being a “bad-ass” dream team again.

Richard:  I believe there should be a second series as I feel Patrick Ness has set the show up to be continued. The fans or classmates really need to follow this story and see how it pans out.

Lewis: A second series is really needed for class. There are a few things that need to be resolved. The mystery behind the Governors needs to be uncovered, as well as how the weeping angels are involved, what “The Arrival” is, what will happen with Quill after her pregnancy and what will happen to April now she has the body of one of the Shadow Kin. There is so much that needs to be explained, and I believe Patrick Ness has prepared for a second series.

What and who would you and wouldn’t you like to see in a second series?

Natalya:  I loved the references Matteusz made when Charlie said the words ‘duty’ and ‘eliminate’. I would love to see more parallels with things we see today and things that have happened in the past. In terms of characters, I would like to see more of Tanya’s brothers and I feel like we will after they saw the Shadow Kin in the library. I am also eager to see how Charlie and Matteusz’s relationship pans out after these events. I would like to see a bit more of the Doctor too and after the way he told Miss Quill that her brain is the most powerful weapon of all, she would then use logic instead of violence a bit more. A story with the Governors would be great too. I love that it’s set in a school. Come to think of it – did we ever find anything out about the robot inspector? Because that could definitely be resolved in another series.

Richard:  I think the Doctor needs to come in a few times like he did in The Sarah Jane Adventures, as this spin off is very different from Doctor Who. I would also like to see new aliens and maybe even a trip to a far distance planet as well.

Lewis: The interesting thing in this show is the links to the Doctor Who universe. It’s a very different spin off show to the Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood and I would say it’s somewhere in-between in terms of who it’s aimed at. I think it is great how it references the series, but also is it’s series in it’s own right. And if it has a second series, I hope it does wrap up the story with the angels, but also focuses around new villains, concepts and ideas.

Finally I asked if they’d like to see Patrick Ness write for Doctor Who soon.

Natalya: I would really like to see Patrick Ness write for Doctor Who and see what he would come up with. I’ve read a few of his books and really enjoyed them, and watching this series has been very refreshing for me. The ideas were original and had a lot of depth and kept my attention all the way through. The jokes were relevant and well placed, and there were only a few, if any scenes, that didn’t serve a purpose. I would be so happy to see this programme renewed for a second series! I really hope that will be the case.

Richard:  I think Patrick Ness is a great writer and knows how to get into the minds of his viewers. I do think he could write for Doctor who as well as Class, as he seems to know about how to tell a story well. His stories for Class successfully took the viewers for a brilliant ride.

Lewis: Patrick Ness is a young adult writer, and he has written for Doctor Who novels. I think the next season of Doctor Who will be a light-hearted one, which means Ness may not be suited to it. However, once Chris Chibnall comes in, depending on what tone he is trying to create then maybe he would be better suited to that. Let’s hope he does write for Doctor Who some day.

So what did you think of season one of Class? Should there be a second series? Most fans seem to think so. Let me know what you think. Once again, a huge thank you to Natalya, Richard and Lewis for their help and thoughts. If you liked what they had to say follow them on Twitter, their handles are below.

Natalya: @natalya_murden

Richard: @Richardant83

Lewis: @DrWhoTimenspace