With this week’s news of Peter Capaldi’s upcoming departure from Doctor Who, season ten has been thrust into the limelight. Not only will it be the last for long term show runner, Steven Moffat, it will also be the last from the current Doctor. This will undoubtedly help shape the legacy left by Moffat and Capaldi and therefore needs to succeed more than most seasons. When you also consider that new companion, Pearl Mackie will be debuting, we are faced with one of the most exciting seasons of the show in recent times. After Christmas’ Americanised special, will the show continue with that style, or revert to the British feel that’s led to such success for fifty three, going on fifty four years? I’ve spoken to American fan, Wesley McCammon and The Galaxy Man Show to get their thoughts on the upcoming season, which premieres in just two months time.

Firstly I asked them what they thought of The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Wesley: It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I hated Nardole –  it was totally pointless to have him in it. The story was a bit blah. The science throughout the episode was questionable at best. Peter Capaldi was excellent in it as always. The best part were the previews for season 10. It all looks kind of exciting.

The Galaxy Man Show:  I thought the episode was average for a Christmas special. At first I thought that superheroes in Doctor Who wouldn’t work, but the story was actually ok, so it was better than I expected.

Next I asked should the show continue to try and reach out to American fans with its Americanised theme, or revert to its usual style.

Wesley: I certainly hope not. I’m not a fan of much American TV. As an American one of the things I love about the show is how “British” it is. That is what makes it awesome. I complain about BBC America all the time showing American shows and as much as I like Star Trek: The Next Generation, BBC America shows it all the time.

The Galaxy Man Show: I think season ten will bring something new to the table and surprise us in many ways. I think now that Peter has said he’ll be leaving, I really do think that season ten will be full of surprises, twists and turns. If the story telling is good, then it will surprise fans in ways that nobody will expect, so the theme of the series could vary from week to week.

With this being Peter Capaldi’s final season in the TARDIS, I asked what they’d like to see from his Doctor. His Doctor took a lighter and more eleventh Doctor-esque turn in season nine compared to his debut season. I asked Wesley and The Galaxy Man Show what sort of twelfth Doctor they preferred.

Wesley: I’d love to see a darker Doctor more in line with season eight. While there were some excellent moments in Series 9, for the most part I feel that sometimes the Doctor was whimsical for whimsical’s sake and that isn’t how his Doctor should be. I’d love to see a brooding, dark Doctor. Even Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker had their moments where they were very serious and introspective. While most of our memories of Tom Baker may have been the silly ones, the most powerful ones to me are when he’s scared or very serious (brooding in the TARDIS in “Pyramids of Mars”, discussing entropy with Adric in the cloister room, yelling at the Deciders in “Full Circle”). Let’s have some of those moments in the series going forward. I mean the speech from The Zygon two parter in season nine should be enough to show how good a serious Doctor can be. I mean a great line from season eight was “Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones, but you still have to choose”.

The Galaxy Man Show:  As this is Peter’s last season, I think they should go in many directions with his Doctor. Dark or goofier, either which way, if they make the story lines good then Peter’s Doctor could achieve anything with any potential character traits. I am disappointed it will be his last season though.

With Steven Moffat departing with the second Doctor of his era, I asked does he have anything left to prove on the show in season ten.

Wesley: I’d like to see him prove he can still write for Doctor Who. After the mess that was “Hell Bent”, he needs to redeem himself as a writer. I really do think he’s done more damage as show runner than good to the series.

The Galaxy Man Show:  think Steven Moffat’s time on the show has naturally came to an end. I am not saying he’s a bad writer but I think that Steven Moffat could do better with some storylines. He just needs to fill in the plot holes he often creates and try to give the fans more of what they want.

Lastly, with season ten just a little over two months away, I asked what hopes, fears and expectations they had.

Wesley: I’m really scared we will have more misses than hits in season. While there were some great stories in season nine the bad ones were really bad (Sleep No More and Hell Bent). I want there to be action and adventure. I want there to be a sense of wonder. I want the companion NOT to be the most important person in the world. I want her to be a normal average nobody who can be our stand in. I want the Doctor to be a reluctant hero more than he’s been. In the classic series, the Doctor simply ‘found’ himself in a situation where he could help. Many times in the new series, the travel has been too purposeful and less “accidental.” I like that stumbling along approach to storytelling so I hope we get more of that.

The Galaxy Man Show: I have high hopes for season ten. I hope it will show us that the Doctor can go to extreme lengths and overcome his problems. I have a hunch it will be great whatever directions they may choose for season ten and beyond.

So what are your hopes and fears for season ten? Leave your thoughts below. If you want to follow Wesley and The Galaxy Man Show on Twitter, their handles are below. Thanks to the pair of them once again for sharing their thoughts. 

Wesley: @pisgahscience2

The Galaxy Man Show: @thelasttimelor5