We’re now into March, and as well as Easter and Spring on the horizon, season ten of Doctor Who is also fast approaching. Steven Moffat only has ten months left as the show’s head honcho, that’s just thirteen episodes. In the past, he’s never been one to shy away from bringing back his own characters that he created. River Song, the Weeping Angels and the Clockwork Men have all returned during Moffat’s tenure. So who else should he bring back in his final year, and who must stay away at all costs?


With Captain Jack now so widely associated with the Russell T. Davies era, it’s astonishing to think that it was actually Steven Moffat who first introduced him to the show, back in season one. It’s even more astonishing to think that Moffat is yet to reintroduce, what must go down as one of his finest additions, to the Doctor Who universe. It was rumoured that Jack was set to return back in season six, but John Barrowman couldn’t make filming due to Torchwood commitments. With Peter Capaldi on his way out, it would seem like a waste for another Doctor to go by without meeting Jack on screen. Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor would surely not be as welcoming of Jack’s flirting as Doctors nine and ten, and watching their contrasting personalities collide as they fight together would be hugely entertaining. The TARDIS looks set to be pretty full in season ten, with Bill and Nardole seemingly joining the Doctor for a series of adventures, but surely there’s room for Captain Jack to tag along for a story or two too?


Peter Capaldi’s shock cameo in The Day of the Doctor is yet to be explained, so surely Steven Moffat has something good up his sleeve to reveal how the twelfth Doctor knew to help his past incarnations. By the time Doctor Who reaches its 60th anniversary in 2023, Peter Capaldi will be in his sixties. What has this got to do with the eighth Doctor, you might ask. Well the show has regularly celebrated anniversaries by producing multi-Doctor stories. Doctors one, two and three got together for the tenth and they were joined by four and five for the twentieth. Doctors two and six met up for the twenty-fifth, and of course most recently, Doctors ten and eleven were joined by the War Doctor for the fiftieth. That leaves four Doctors who are yet to appear in multi-Doctor stories. The seventh, eighth, ninth and twelfth. If we rule out a Christopher Eccleston return due to stubbornness and perhaps a Sylvester McCoy one too due to old age (sorry, I’m so sorry), we are left with Peter Capaldi and Paul McGann. In 2023, will Peter Capaldi really want to return to the show? Paul McGann will be nearly thirty years older than when he first portrayed the Doctor too. These two fine actors deserve a multi-doctor story, and what better way to reward them by scripting the episode that explains The Day of the Doctor?


What a monumental waste of talent it would be to let Donald Sumpter slip out of Doctor Who after a mere ten minutes in Hell Bent. The actor was masterful, following in Timothy Dalton’s shoes as President of the Time Lords, Rassilon. His exchanges with the Doctor were easily the highlight of the finale and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see more of the same. Rassilon will be fuming after he was discarded by the Doctor, so revenge could be on the cards for an explosive clash. The Doctor versus Rassilon with the Time Lords stuck in the middle is a mouth watering prospect. What a way that’d be for Moffat and Capaldi to bow out.


Whether this means Carole Ann Ford returns, or a new actress plays a regenerated incarnation, I would like to see nobody return more than the Doctor’s granddaughter. Since her emotional exit in Dalek Invasion of Earth, her return has been rumoured, and there have certainly been plenty of opportunities to bring her back. At a recent convention, Peter Capaldi admitted the companion he’d love to travel with the most from the show’s history would be Susan. It would be the most fitting way to send off Capaldi and Moffat, while paying tribute to the show’s decorated past. So how would she fit into the plot? Well the Doctor isn’t finished with the Time Lords, Gallifrey or Rassilon, after the monstrosity that was Hell Bent left those storylines open. Susan reuniting with the Doctor on Gallifrey doesn’t sound too far fetched. Maybe the two could meet on Earth? The Doctor’s approaching regeneration could even be down to a sacrifice, for Susan. This could be the last chance for the Doctor’s first ever companion to return, so it’d be a terrible shame to let that opportunity slip by.


No character has ever had such a destructive influence on an entire season than Lady Me had in season nine. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. If it wasn’t for her luring the Doctor and Clara to Trap Street in Face the Raven, her character would’ve been totally redundant for the four episodes in which she appeared. She was a big factor in how disastrous Hell Bent turned out and her air time was totally wasted. She ended up playing very little part in the plot, despite hogging the limelight and pretending to be wise and almighty. Despite the lure Maisie Williams holds for any producer to cast her, I hope Moffat resists the temptation, as she did nothing positive for the show. I fear any return she has will not only taint season ten, but put a huge dent into Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who legacy. She is one character I hope we never see again.


You’d be a fool to deny that Steven Moffat has tried his very hardest to create intriguing and perhaps slightly untrustworthy companions. Amy Pond, Clara Oswald and River Song all fall under the intriguing and untrustworthy bracket. They all had story arcs created around them, all of which have now been rounded off, so please Moffat, please on behalf of common sense and fresh ideas, please don’t bring any of them back. Amy and Rory were brilliantly refreshing for a season or two, but they stayed one season too many and a return would feel tiresome. Clara’s story should’ve ended in Death in Heaven, she then died perfectly in Face the Raven, a death that was later ruined in Hell Bent, so her character should now remained untouched. And as for River Song, well her character drew nicely to a close in The Husbands of River Song, so we can only hope Moffat will leave her story alone.

Who would you like to see return and who do you want to stay away? Leave your thoughts below.